Oral Presentation

How to Online Presentation

 Oral Presentation will be virtual meeting using Webex Meetings with discussion. Presentation time is for 25 minutes. (including 9 minutes for question-and-answer session and 1 minutes to prepare). Your presentation may be cut off before finished in case it is over 25 minutes. finish question-and-answer session.

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※Updated on August 28
Presenter Guidelines-new-

Poster Presentation

How to Poster Presentation

Presenters will be requested to distribute vide-recorded presentations prepared with PowerPoint with audio narration(about 5min) and poster pdf file.
We will prepare to Presentation Video Creation Guidelines.

Poster Guidelines-new-

Dear Presenter

  When a presenter (direction which carries out a presentation) is changed, please coincide the statement of a manuscript, and the input of WEB after decision at the time of manuscript contribution. Preprints were publishd as you inputted. If a presenter becomes change or withdraw after it, please be sure to inform us by e-mail until Fri., August 28.
  When the presenter on the day from preprints differ, we publishes for the hall notice and later at Web site etc.