Inaugural Address for The 34th Presidency of
The Society of Polymer Science, Japan
The Society of Polymer Science that is looking at Future

 The Society of Polymer Science, Japan (SPSJ) is an organization where the researchers and engineers working in polymer and its related fields gather, exchange and offer information, develop human resources, and contribute to the development of science and technology, thus to the society. SPSJ was founded in 1951 and it has long history. Based on its tradition and present states, I would like to make SPSJ more attractive and international, more contributable for society, and thus more futuristic. Moreover, the SPSJ should be a forum to make network of members, specialists of various fields as well as citizens all over the world, resulting into a place of discussion of future dreams. We will let elementary, junior and senior high school students and non-specialists know that how polymer and its related materials are used in daily life and societies.

Takashi KATO,President


Events, publication, and homepage will be more attractive !

  The SPSJ annual meeting and the SPSJ symposium on macromolecules, polymer materials forum will be more attractive for participants by considering when is the best timing and what contents are important. International exchanges and the collaboration with other societies will be promoted. Various symposiums of SPSJ will give timely contents to members.

  My first presentation at academic societies was in an annual polymer meeting of SPSJ. SPSJ has helped me to grow as a researcher and has given me opportunities to know a lot of people. SPSJ should be forum of face-to- face real meeting of researchers and citizens.

  SPSJ has important periodical journal and magazine. I will review the situation of the periodicals and make a new stage of periodicals. Polymer Journal will be brought to be a very important journal in the field of polymer science. I will make the KOBUNSHI act as a bridge between SPSJ and its members. We will make Webinar more attractive and informative. Basic understanding of polymer is a key in application and realization of polymer materials. Basic education of polymer science will be enhanced as publications and Webinar contents. The SPSJ homepage will be renewed to make it more accessible for members and to offer more information on polymers. Polymer private school (Kobunshi Miraijuku), which has been successful in the HP will be more developed.

Cooperation, exchange, and fusion will be more promoted

Industry-university cooperation

One of specific features of SPSJ is that half of members of SPSJ joined from industries. This feature will be used for industry-university cooperation. I will activate cooperation between polymer industry and university. Cooperation and exchanges with polymer association of executives will be very active. Excellent studies at universities are introduced more to industries. I would like to establish a system that introduce excellent researches of academia to industries.

Fusion of different fields

Polymer science has grown as a systematic academic subject. To make new stream of polymer science for its further growth, we will cooperate with related materials fields that were not included in traditional polymer science. I hope such cooperation will lead to the development of polymer and related materials in the field of device, energy, environment, and medical science.

International exchange

International exchanges on polymer science between researchers and engineers all over the world is important for the development of science and technology and to resolve common world issues. International exchanges with foreign researchers, various societies, and organizations will be promoted. International symposiums are organized actively. Sending and accepting of international delegates are welcomed.


Human resource development, outreach, contri- bution to society are performed for the future

Towards new SPSJ created by collaboration off industry-academia-government, and young and senior, human resources will be developed. In international standpoint view, we will promote cooperation with young researchers in Asia, Europe, and America.

Face-to-face discussions with branches, polymer association of executives, research groups, and young researcher groups will be performed. I will also tackle with issues of number of members and financing of SPSJ. I will continue committing these issues with cooperation of members and office staffs. I really hope your support and cooperation.
Takashi KATO
The 34th President of The Society of Polymer Science, Japan
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