年度 受賞者(氏名アルファベット順)|所属 論文題目
土肥 侑也
名古屋大学 Preparation and Characterization of Two-dimensional Sheet-shaped Poly(methyl methacrylate) Synthesized via γ-Ray Polymerization in Nanoclay Template
(Polym. J., 55, 957(2023))
稲益 礼奈
東京大学 Observation of Molecular Motions in Polymer Thin Films by Laboratory Grazing Incidence Diffracted X-ray Blinking
(Polym. J., 55, 703(2023))
篠原 英
相模中央化学研究所 Stretchable π-Conjugated Polymer Electrets for Mechanoelectric Generators
(Polym. J., 55, 529(2023))
小林 慧子
岡山大学 Formation of Shish-like Fibril Crystals from the Melt of Blends of Cyclic and Linear Polyethylene under Shear Flow
(Polym. J., 54, 913(2022))
中部大学 Effect of Bisphenols on the Electrical Conductivity and Structure of Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): Poly(styrene sulfonate)
(Polym. J., 54, 707(2022))
朴  峻秀
大阪大学 Supramolecular Nylon-based Actuators with a High Work Efficiency Based on Host-guest Complexation and the Mechanoisomerization of Azobenzene
(Polym. J., 54, 1213(2022))
山崎  誠
横浜国立大学 Analysis of the Formation Mechanism of Polyion Complexes of Polysaccharides by Molecular Dynamics Simulation with Oligosaccharides
(Polym. J., 54, 345(2022))
福井 有香
慶應義塾大学 Preparation of Agarose Xerogel Nanoparticles by Solvent Evaporation from Water Nanodroplets
(Polym. J., 53, 819(2021))
林 幹大
名古屋工業大学 Simple Preparation, Properties, and Functions of Vitrimer-like Polyacrylate Elastomers Using Trans-N-alkylation Bond Exchange
(Polym. J., 53, 835(2021))
石毛 亮平
東京工業大学 Quantitative Analysis of Stereoscopic Molecular Orientations in Thermally Reactive and Heterogeneous Noncrystalline Thin Films via Variable-temperature Infrared pMAIRS and GI-XRD
(Polym. J., 53, 603(2021))
覚知 亮平
群馬大学 Polymers of Lignin-sourced Components as a Facile Chemical Integrant for the Passerini Three-component Reaction
(Polym. J., 53, 523(2021))
花房 明宏
三菱ケミカル株式会社 Viscoelastic Relaxation Attributed to the Molecular Dynamics of Polyrotaxane Confined in an Epoxy Resin Network
(Polym. J., 52, 1211(2020))
稲葉 央
鳥取大学 Cyclic Tau-derived Peptides for Stabilization of Microtubules
(Polym. J., 52, 1143(2020))
澤田 敏樹
東京工業大学 Thermally Conductive Molecular Assembly Composed of an Oligo(ethylene glycol)-modified Filamentous Virus with Improved Solubility and Resistance to Organic Solvents
(Polym. J., 52, 803(2020))
井澤 浩則
鳥取大学 Polysaccharide-based Wrinkled Surfaces Induced by Polyion Complex Skin Layers upon Drying
(Polym. J., 51, 675(2019))
片島 拓弥
東京大学 Mechanical Properties of Doubly Crosslinked Gels
(Polym. J., 51, 851(2019))
鈴木 祥仁
大阪府立大学 Phase Separation during Bulk Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate
(Polym. J., 51, 423(2019))
飯島 一智
横浜国立大学 Selective Fabrication of Hollow and Solid Polysaccharide Composite Fibers Using a Microfluidic Device by Controlling Polyion Complex Formation
(Polym. J., 50, 1187(2018))
井本 裕顕
京都工芸繊維大学 Self-association Behavior of Amphiphilic Molecules Based on Incompletely Condensed Cage Silsesquioxanes and Poly(ethylene glycol)s
(Polym. J., 50, 337(2018))
緒明 佑哉
慶應義塾大学 Emergence of Temperature-Dependent and Reversible Color-Changing Properties by the Stabilization of Layered Polydiacetylene through Intercalation
(Polym. J., 50, 319(2018))
伊田 翔平
滋賀県立大学 End-crosslinking of Controlled Telechelic Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) toward a Homogeneous Gel Network with Photo-induced Self-healing
(Polym. J., 49, 237(2017))
桑原 純平
筑波大学 Direct Arylation Polycondensation for the Synthesis of Bithiazole-based Conjugated Polymers and Their Physical Properties
(Polym. J., 49, 123(2017))
高田 和之
関西大学 Analysis of the Sol-to-gel Transition Behavior of Temperature-responsive Injectable Polymer Systems by Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
(Polym. J., 49, 677(2017))
松田 靖弘
静岡大学 Renaturation behavior of xanthan with high molar mass and wide molar mass distribution
(Polym. J., 48, 653(2016))
Lucia Mergola
University of Salento Novel polymeric sorbents based on imprinted Hg(II)-diphenylcarbazone complexes for mercury removal from drinking water
(Polym. J., 48, 73(2016))
酒井 崇匡
東京大学 Sol-gel transition behavior near critical concentration and connectivity
(Polym. J., 48, 629(2016))
井改 知幸
金沢大学 Synthesis of polyisocyanides bearing oligothiophene pendants: higher-order structural control through pendant framework design
(Polym. J., 47, 625(2015))
伊藤 慎庫
東京大学 Formal aryne/ethylene copolymerization to form polyethylene containing o-arylene units in the main chain
(Polym. J., 47, 474(2015))
寺島 崇矢
京都大学 Single-chain crosslinked star polymers via intramolecular crosslinking of self-folding amphiphilic copolymers in water
(Polym. J., 47, 667(2015))
生越 友樹
金沢大学 Extension of Polyethylene Chains by Formation of Polypseudorotaxane Structures with Perpentylated Pillar[5]arenes
(Polym. J., 46, 77(2014))
Xiaomei Shi
760th research institute China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Gelation/Crystallization Mechanisms of UHMWPE Solutions and Structures of Ultradrawn Gel Films
(Polym. J., 46, 21(2014))
山口 修平
日立造船(株) Green Polymer Chemistry: Lipase-catalyzed Synthesis of Bio-based Reactive Polyesters Employing Itaconic Anhydride as a Renewable Monomer
(Polym. J., 46, 2(2014))
児島 千恵
大阪府立大学 Synthesis and binding properties of peptidomimetics based on a dendritic polymer
(Polym. J., 45, 339(2013))
沼田 圭司
理化学研究所 Synthesis of poly- and oligo(hydroxyalkanoate)s by deep-sea bacteria, Colwellia spp., Moritella spp., and Shewanella spp.
(Polym. J., 45, 1094(2013))
宮内 雅彦
(株)カネカ Novel Phenylethynyl-terminated PMDA-type Polyimides Based on KAPTON Backbone Structures Derived from 2-Phenyl-4,4’-diaminodiphenyl Ether
(Polym. J., 44, 959(2012))
大内 誠
京都大学 Aqueous Metal-Catalyzed Living Radical Polymerization: Highly Active Water-Assisted Catalysis
(Polym. J., 44, 51(2012))
生方 俊
横浜国立大学 Facile One-step Photopatterning of Polystyrene Films
(Polym. J., 44, 966(2012))
小玉 康一
埼玉大学 Structural effects of polyethers and ionic liquids in their binary mixtures on lower critical solution temperature liquid-liquid phase separation
(Polym. J., 43, 242(2011))
小椎尾 謙
長崎大学 Simultaneous small-angle X-ray scattering/wide-angle X-ray diffraction study of the microdomain structure of polyurethane elastomers during mechanical deformation
(Polym. J., 43, 692(2011))
田中 一生
京都大学 Thermodynamic study of POSS-based ionic liquids with various numbers of ion pairs
(Polym. J., 43, 708(2011))
天本 義史
九州大学 Arm-replaceable star-like nanogels: arm detachment and arm exchange reactions by dynamic covalent exchanges of alkoxyamine units
(Polym. J., 42, 860(2010))
岡田 聖香
広島大学 Elongational crystallization of isotactic polypropylene forms nano-oriented crystals with ultra-high performance
(Polym. J., 42, 464(2010))
鈴木 大介
信州大学 Self-oscillating core/shell microgels: effects of a crosslinked nanoshell on autonomous oscillation of the core
(Polym. J., 42, 501(2010))
松木 智昭
三井化学株式会社 Surface Modification of Polypropylene Molded Sheets by Means of Surface-Initiated ATRP of Methacrylates
(Polym. J., 41, 547(2009))
松見 紀佳
名古屋大学 Enhanced Ionic Conduction in Organoboron Ion Gels Facilely Designed via Condensation of Cellulose with Boric Acids in Ionic Liquids
(Polym. J., 41, 437(2009))
寺尾 憲
大阪大学 Solution Properties of Amylose Tris(Phenylcarbamate): Local Conformation and Chain Stiffness in 1,4-Dioxane and 2-Ethoxyethanol
(Polym. J., 41, 201(2009))
青木 裕之
京都大学大学院工学研究科 Conformation of Single Poly(methy methacrylate) Chains in an Ultra-Thin Film Studied by Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy
(Polym. J., 40, 274(2008))
井田 大地
京都大学大学院工学研究科 Intrinsic Viscosity of Wormlike Regular Three-Arm Stars
(Polym. J., 40, 256(2008))
森田 智行
京都大学大学院工学研究科 Enhanced Photocurrent Generation by Electron Hopping through Regularly-Arranged Chromophores in a Helical Peptide Monolayer
(Polym. J., 40, 700(2008))
赤堀 敬一
九州大学大学院 Effects of Static and Dynamic Forces on Surface Viscoelasticitic Response of Polymer Film in Scanning Viscoelasticity Microscopy
(Polym. J., 39, 684(2007))
菊地 守也
九州大学先導物質化学研究所 Characterization of Rodlike Poly(n-hexy isocyanate) Macromonomers and Their Polymacromonomers by Light Scattering,SAXS,Intrinsic Viscosity,and Scanning Force Microscopy
(Polym. J., 39, 330(2007))
長 昌史
京都大学大学院 Temperature Coefficients of Unperturbed Chain Dimensions for Polystyrene and Poly(α-methylstyrene)
(Polym. J., 39, 423(2007))
早川 晃鏡
東京工業大学大学院 Fablication of Hierarchically Ordered Hybrid Structures over Multiple Length Scales via Direct Etching of Self-Organized Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane(POSS) Functionalized Block Copolymer Films
(Polym. J., 38, 567(2006))
内田 江美
兵庫県立大学大学院 Influence of Wavelength of Light on Photoinduced Orientation of Azobenzene-Containing Polymethacrylate Film
(Polym. J., 38, 724(2006))
森田 浩史
(独)科学技術振興機構 Molecular Dynamics Study of the Adhension between End-Grafted Polymer Films.
(Polym. J., 37, 782(2005))
高須 昭則
名古屋工業大学大学院 2,Room-Temperature Polycondensation of Dicarboxylic Acids and Diols Catalyzed by Water-Stable Lewis Acids.
(Polym. J., 37, 946(2005))
遊佐 真一
兵庫県立大学大学院 pH-Responsive Micellization of Amine-Containing Cationic Diblock Copolymers Prepared by Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer(RAFT) Radical Polymerization.
(Polym. J., 37, 480(2005))

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